27 Jan 2013

Photoshop Text Tutorial: For Beginners

Photoshop Text Tutorial: For Beginners
This tutorial is about text editing in Adobe Photoshop for Photoshop beginners.You will learn new ways to make a attractive text by some simple steps.It is very simple and easy tutorial.

                                                                    FINAL RESULT

1.Create a new file of size 498x150 (according to your choice).Fill Background color of #afafaf.Now type your text like InfoLoad.I have taken font "Blackjack".You can get this font from resource file given at end of tutorial or from internet.
2.I have selected #044f94 color for "Info" and #010101 for "Load".
3.With text layer selected go to Layer>Layer style>Blending options.Select Drop shadow and Change the setting as shown.
4.Do same for Gradient overlay.

3.Now create a new layer by Layer>New>Layer or by shift+ctrl+N.This layer must be above the text layer.
4.Now take brush tool(B) of size around 50 and select color #044f94 (according to your choice),now brush it(click) on areas where you want to add light.  

5.With this set this brush layer to SCREEN mode.
6.Now lighting effect around text.Create a new layer fill it with black color and with eraser tool erase a little bit form center(to show text) and change the opacity of layer to 25%.
7.Now go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/contrast.Adjust it according to your need.
8.You can add more form you in your work.

Write comment if you need any help. :)

Download Font:Black jack

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