23 Mar 2013

Photoshop Image Editing Tutorial:Beginners

Photoshop Image Editing Tutorial:Beginners

New image editing tutorial for photoshop lovers.It is a simple tutorial but very effective for those who don not want or do not have heavy textures for their editing.
1. Open the image in the photoshop copy the image layer.
2.Desaturate it by ctrl+shift+u or go to Image<Adjustments<Desaturate.
3.Set this layer to overlay and opacity to 66%.
4.Make a new layer(Shift+ctrl+N) take brush tool of white colour around 200 and make a spot on the up as for lightning.

5.Now Colour balance (Image<Adjustments<Colour Balance) and set midtones to -26,+5,+6  Highlights to +1,-10,+8 and shadows to -19,+12,+12.

6. Now Exposure (Image<adjustments<Exposure)and set it to +0.44.
7.Then Selective color (Image<Adjustments<Selective color)
       Reds           Yellow            Greens                            Cyans                Blues              Neutrals      
Cyan   -36       Cyan   -100      Only Black to +100      Cyan +64          Cyan +100         Cyan -5     
Magenta  0      Magenta  +5                                         Magenta -31      Magenta +19      Black +3
Yellow    0      Yellow     -17                                       Yellow   -17       Yellow +4          
Black  +36      Black    +11                                         Black -63           Black +30       

Cyan +32
Yellow -5

8.Now Brightness/Contrast  (Image<Adjustments<Brightness/Contrast) 
       Brightness   7
       Contrast    18.
9.Now make a new layer and go to Image<apply image.Now go to Filter<Other<High Pass of radious 10 set this layer to soft light opacity 25%.
10.Again make new layer go to Image<apply image and go to filter<sharpen<sharpen and change the opacity of this layer to 40% and fill 80%.

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